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Welbeing of Racehorses

Trainers want more done about wellbeing of racehorses

The care and wellbeing of racehorses does not stop when they leave stables after their racing careers are over with leading trainers saying they do everything to ensure they have forever homes. Although in NSW trainers are required to notify where the horses go on retirement, cracks in the system show it is when horses are moved on they are lost.

Responding to the ABC 7.20 Report on the alleged slaughter of ex-racehorses, champion trainer Chris Waller said everyone needed to be vigilant.

“It was a shock to me,” Waller told RSN 927.

“A huge majority are trying to be proactive in this modern times. We’re fully aware of animal welfare and we’re probably the biggest animal lovers of all.

“To see a few people letting the industry down, it’s pretty damning.

“Whether it’s directly or not, we’ve still got to be responsible for it and we’ve got to be accountable as to every horse that leaves our stable but obviously there’s gaps that need looking at.

“And if people that are harsh to animals, whether they be a racehorse or whether they be a hobby horse or any animal for that matter, they need to be dealt with. And the authorities need the power to come down on them hard and it’s the only way it will stop.”

Warwick Farm trainer David Pfieffer has been prompted to write to his owners after two horses he trained were portrayed on Thursday’s program as being sent to a knackery at Riverstone.

“Tahitian Black was retired over three years ago and spent two years in a paddock owned by my foreperson before being rehomed as a show horse in the Gulgong area,” Pfieffer said.

“Next Of Kin went to Vanderville Farm and was looked after by Nikki Rodgers who is very well known in equestrian circles.

“The horse was then rehomed to embark on a dressage career.

“Pfieffer Racing, without fail, finds decent homes for all of our retired racehorses’ — a fact we are proud of.

“I was more than happy to co-operate with the ABC as I knew I had done nothing wrong.

“To say I am disappointed in the way the ABC edited their interview with me is an understatement and it is a matter I intend to take further.”

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Source: | October 2019